A Suffolk Regiment Calendar

Compiled by Patrick Macdonald

This Calendar lists most of the important dates in the history of the Regiment. To use the Calendar you can either scroll down this page or choose to look at each month individually by selecting from the list below.

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1st 1917 15th (Yeomanry) Battalion forms from The Loyal Suffolk Hussars (Suffolk Yeomanry).

1947 The Cambridgeshire Regiment reforms post-war as 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) LAA Regiment RA (TA).

2nd 1953 1st Battalion's last successful patrol in Malaya kills two Communist Terrorists (2lt A.K. Catchpole).

5th 1783 End of the Seige of Gibraltar.

6th 1900 Attack on Suffolk Hill, Colesburg, South Africa.

7th 1916 11th Battalion joins the BEF.

9th 1944 2nd Battalion's battle at BAMBOO, Burma.

13th 1942 2nd CAMBS lands at Singapore.

15th 1818 2nd Battalion disbands in Ireland.

16th 1942 2nd CAMBS joins the Battle of Batu Pahat, Jahore, Malaya.

18th 1915 1st Battalion joins the BEF.

19th 1926 2nd Battalion arrives Gibraltar to relieve the 1st Battalion. A unique event.

1957 D Company, 1st Battalion kills Marcus Dracos (EOKA's 2IC) in Cyprus.

22nd 1945 142 Regiment RAC (former 7th Battalion) disbands in northern Italy.

28th 1918 8th Battalion disbands near Ypres.

29th 1942 4th and 5th Battalions and 1st CAMBS land at Singapore.

30th 1913 3rd (Auckland) Regiment, New Zealand Army is allied to the Regiment.


1st 1943 142 Regt RAC (Churchill tanks) lands at Algiers as part of 1st Army.

2nd 1913 Dedication of the Rood Screen in St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, presented by the Officers of the 1st and 2nd Battalions.

7th 1947 2nd Battalion on Internal Security (IS) duties at Amritsar.

13th 1953 1st Battalion returns to England from Malaya.

15th 1942 Fall of Singapore. 4th and 5th Battalions and 1st and 2nd CAMBS become Prisoners of War.

16th 1918 9th Battalion disbands at Courcelles-le-Compte, France.

19th 1959 'Ceasefire' in the Cyprus Emergency.

22nd 1927 2nd Battalion disembarks Shanghai for Internal Security Duties as part of the Shanghai Defence Force.

26th 1852 Wreck of HMS Birkenhead off the South African coast.


11th 1915 4th Battalion at the Battle of Neuve Chappelle.

16th 1935 2nd Battalion's new Colours are presented in Madras, replacing those presented in 1879.

18th 1944 2nd Battalion flies into Imphal, Burma.

21st 1918 Battle of the Somme ­ until 3 September: 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th and 12th Battalions.

1944 2nd Battalion moves into Kohima.

22nd 1918 2nd Battalion's stand on the Wancourt Road in France.

23rd 1858 The Reserve Battalion becomes the 2nd Battalion.

25th 1917 5th Battalion enters Turkish Palestine with Allenby's Army.

26th 1917 5th Battalion at the Battle of Gaza.

27th 1741 James Wolfe is gazetted Ensign in the 12th Regiment.


1st 1873 The 12th Regiment establishes its Depot at Bury St Edmunds.

1908 Territorial Force (TF) is created ­ including 4th and 5th Battalions as well as 1st CAMBS. Militia becomes The Special Reserve.

1955 629 LAA Regiment RA (TA) becomes 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) Parachute Light Regiment RA (TA) ­ 4.2-in mortars, the only regiment so equipped in the Army.

1961 4th Battalion amalgamates with 1st CAMBS to become The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA).

7th 1918 7th Battalion at the Battle of the Ancre.

9th 1917 2nd, 1/4th, 7th and 11th Battalions at the Battle of the Scarpe, near Arras.

12th 1915 1st and 2nd Battalions meet while on Active Service at Westoutre, Belgium.

1947 4th Battalion is formally re-embodied (B Company in Cambridgeshire until 1955).

13th 1945 1st Battalion at the capture of Brinkum, northern Germany.

16th 1879 1st Battalion enters Afghanistan (2nd Afghan War) by the Kyber Pass.

17th 1917 1/5th Battalion at the Second Battle of Gaza.

1919 1st Battalion home from the Balkans War.

19th 1917 2nd Battalion at the Battle of Arras.

1943 142 Regiment RAC at the Battle of Medjez-el Bab, Tunisia.

1956 MMG Platoon captures 7 EOKA terrorists, including Georghios Demetriou, a senior EOKA leader.

20th 1944 142 Regiment RAC lands at Naples.

24th 1915 1st Battalion at First Ypres (first gas attack on the Battalion).

25th 1953 The Regiment is granted the Freedom of Sudbury.

26th 1915 1/4th Battalion joins First Ypres.


1st 1919 King's Colour presented to the 7th (Service) Battalion at Le Havre

4th 1799 Capture of Seringapatam and the death of Tippoo Sultan.

6th 1918 12th (Service) Battalion disbands at Klinderbeik, Flanders, but re-forms on 5th July.

7th 1842 Reserve Battalion forms ­ later to become the 2nd Battalion.

1918 7th (Service) Battalion amalgamates with 1st/1st CAMBS (TF).

1918 15th Battalion (Yeomanry) returns to France from Palestine.

8th 1915 1st Battalion is overwhelmed at the battle for Frezenberg Ridge, First Ypres.

1945 End of WW2 in Europe (VE Day).

9th 1915 2nd Battalion at the Battle of Aubers Ridge, near Arras.

11th 1745 The Battle of Fontenoy

1922 King's Colour of the 11th (Service) Battalion is laid up in Ely Cathedral.

13th 1948 1st Battalion is the last unit to withdraw from Palestine at the end of the UN Mandate.

17th 1953 1st Battalion arrives in Trieste.

18th 1940 1st Battalion's first contact with the enemy near Brussels.

19th 1959 1st Battalion arrives home from Cyprus.

22nd 1944 142 Regiment RAC at the breach of the Adolf Hitler Line in Italy.

23rd 1955 New Colours are presented to the 1st Battalion by the Colonel-in-Chief at Wuppertal.

26th 1940 Evacuation from Dunkirk begins.

27th 1880 1st Battalion returns to India from Afghanistan.

28th 1940 8th Battalion forms at Bury St Edmunds.

29th 1919 2nd Corps Memorial at Le Cateau is un-veiled ­ 2nd Battlion.

30th 1915 9th (Service) Battalion arrives in France.

31st 1902 End of the South African War (the Boer War).


1st 1940 1st Battalion begins its evacuation from Dunkirk.

1953 HRH The Princess Margaret appointed Colonel-in-Chief.

3rd 1944 Recce Troop 142 Regiment RAC effects the junction between 8th Army and US 5th Army at Valmontone, Italy.

5th 1948 The Regiment is granted the Freedom of Ipswich.

6th 1916 12th (Service) Battalion - 'Bantams' - joins the BEF.

1944 D Day: 1st Battalion lands on QUEEN WHITE beach at Hermanville-sur-Mer.

9th 1944 2nd Battalion captures objective ISAAC during the Seige of Imphal.

10th 1949 1st Battalion sails for Malaya from Salonika.

1947 Colonel W.N. Nicholson retires as Colonel of the Regiment. He is succeeded by Brigadier E.H.W. Backhouse.

1957 Brigadier Backhouse retires as Colonel of the Regiment to be succeeded by Brigadier R.H. Maxwell, the last Colonel of the Suffolk Regiment.

19th 1948 1st Battalion arrives in Greece.

20th 1685 The Regiment is formed at Norwich.

21st 1947 2nd Battalion, now a Cadre only, sails home from India.

1958 Colonel-in-Chief attends the Dedication of the Cambridgeshire Regiment WW2 Roll of Honour in Ely Cathedral.

22nd 1935 LNER locomotive is named The Suffolk Regiment.

23rd 1935 Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the formation of the Regiment. The Chapel in St Mary's Church is re-dedicated and the 2nd Battalion's Colours laid-up.

26th 1917 2nd and 8th (Service) Battalions meet at Famechon in France.

27th 1743 Battle of Dettingen.

27th 1919 15th (Yeomanry) Battalion disbands at Bury St Edmunds.

28th 1827 New Colours presented to the 1st Battalion at Gibraltar.

28th 1917 General Allenby assumes command of Empire Forces in Palestine. (1/5th and 15th Battalions).

28th 1944 1st Battalion's attack at the Chateau de la Londe, Normandy.


1st 1690 Battle of the Boyne.

1881 32nd Brigade/District is abolished and the Corps formed into the Suffolk Regiment (two regular and two militia Battalions).

1916 Battle of the Somme ­ until 18 November; six Suffolk Battalions - 11th (Service) on the first day are followed by 2nd, 1/4th, 7th (Service), and 9th (Service).

1956 1st Battalion leaves Wuppertal.

1956 629 Para Lt Regt RA (TA) converts to 1st Battalion The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA).

5th 1918 12th (Service) Battalion re-forms and returns to France.

6th 1952 Patrol from 5 Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion kills Liew Kon Kim, Kuala Langat South Forest Reserve (2lt L.R. Hands).

9th 1909 Colours presented to 4th and 5th Battalions at Windsor by King Edward VII.

12th 1947 2nd Battalion Cadre returns to a Civic Welcome in Bury St Edmunds.

13th 1743 James Wolfe becomes Adjutant.

14th 1849 New Colours presented to the 1st Battalion at Weedon, replacing those of 1827 and to be carried until 1955.

1919 11th Battalion represent the BEF at the French Peace Parade in Rouen.

1st Battalion's Colours carried in the Victory Parade in Paris.

19th 1915 2nd Battalion at the Battle of Hooge ­ until 22nd.

1948 1st Battalion arrives at Sungei Besi.

20th 1919 The Regiment participates in the Peace Parade in London

22nd 1879 2nd Battalion's 1858 Colours laid-up in St Mary's Church.

22nd 1951 1st Battalion's first 100 kills in Malaya.

22nd 1949 The Cambridgeshire Regiment is granted the Freedom of Wisbech.

25th 1915 8th (Service) Battalion joins the BEF.

1954 The Colonel-in-Chief is presented with her Regimental Brooch at the Depot's Minden Reunion.

31st 1917 8th (Service) Battalion at the Battle of Ypres.


1st 1759 The Battle of Minden.

1944 The Regiment is granted the Freedom of Bury St Edmunds.

2nd 1879 New colours presented to the 2nd Battalion on Southsea Common, replacing those presented at Glasgow in 1858.

4th 1914 Outbreak of WW1: 1st Battalion at Khartoum, Egypt, 2nd Battalion at Curragh, Ireland, TF mobilises.

5th 1779 Seige of Gibraltar begins (until 1783).

6th 1915 1/5th Battalion lands at Suvla Bay ­ Gallipoli Campaign.

7th 1756 2nd Battalion is raised. Becomes 65th Foot in 1758.

12th 1741 Lieutenant Colonel Scipio Durore is appointed Colonel of the Regiment.

16th 1944 Carrier Platoon, 1st Battalion liberates Flers, Orne.

15th 1945 End of WW2 (VJ Day).

17th 1914 2nd Battalion joins the BEF.

21st 1918 2nd Battalion at the 2nd Battle of the Somme.

1955 1st Battalion arrives in Cyprus.

22nd 1954 1st Battalion's move from Trieste to Wuppertal complete.

23rd 1914 2nd Battlion fights its first action near Mons, Belguim and the beginning of the 'Retreat from Mons'.

24th 1949 1st Battalion's first kills in Malaya (2lt J.G. Starling at Sungei Long).

26th 1914 2nd Battalion's stand at Le Cateau.

1917 Cpl Sidney Day, 11th (Service) Battalion, wins his Victoria Cross near Arras.

28th 1944 142 Regiment RAC at the breaching of the Gothic Line near Rimini.

29th 1959 The Regiment amalgamates with the Royal Norfolk Regiment at Iserlohn, Germany to become the 1st East Anglian Regiment.

30th 1915 9th Battalion joins the BEF.

31st 1782 12th Foot becomes the East Suffolk Regiment.


1st 1939 Mobilisation ­ 1st Battalion at Axminster, 2nd Battalion at Mhow,

Central India. TA also mobilises and includes 4th and 5th Battalions as well as 1st and 2nd Battalions the Cambridgeshire Regiment.

3rd 1939 Outbreak of WW2.

7th 1888 Creation of the Hazara Field Force (including the 1st Battalion) in India to 'punish the Black Mountain tribes'.

13th 1921 1st Battalion deploys with the Malabar Field Force against the Moplar Rebellion, India

18th 1914 2nd Battalion at the Battle of the Aisne.

1916 9th (Service) Battalion at the Battle of Flers-Courcellette ­ to the 22nd - includes tanks for the first time.

1917 2nd and 12th (Service) Battalions at the Battle of Epehy.

19th 1918 1/5th Battalion at the Battle of Megiddo, Palestine.

20th 1944 1st Suffolk liberates Hamont, Belgium.

21st 1935 The Army Council grants the Regiment the right to wear a red and a yellow rose in the headdress on the anniversary of the Battle of Minden.

1944 1st Battalion liberates Weert, Netherlands.

25th 1915 7th (Service) and 9th (Service) Battalions at the Battle of Loos, France.

1915 Suffolk Yeomanry sails for Gallipoli (dismounted).

26th 1915 Sgt Arthur Frederick Saunders, 9th (Service) Battalion, wins his Victoria Cross at Loos.

28th 1918 12th (Service) Battalion at the Battle of Ypres 1918.

29th 1946 The Cambridgeshire Regiment is granted the Freedom of Cambridge.


1st 1858 2nd Battalion is formed at Fort George, Inverness.

7th 1939 1st Battalion joins the BEF.

11th 1919 1/4th Battalion returns to Ipswich from France.

12th 1899 Outbreak of the South African (Boer) War.

1944 1st Battalion at the Battle of Overloon.

16th 1944 1st Battalion at the Battle of Venray ­ to the 19th.

17th 1955 1st Battalion Guard at Overloon Military Cemetery to mark the tenth Anniversary of VE-Day.

23rd 1943 2nd Battalion arrives in the Burma Theatre.

24th 1915 1st Battalion embarks at Marseilles for Egypt.

29th 1941 4th and 5th Battalions and 1st and 2nd CAMBS sail for the Far East.

30th 1871 The purchase of Commissions in the Army is abolished.

1915 1st Battalion disembarks at Alexandria.

1918 Armistice with Turkey.


2nd 1917 1/5th Battalion at the Third Battle of Gaza.

6th 1953 'Black Friday' ­ serious and widespread rioting in Trieste city centre (1st Battalion).

7th 1918 1st Battalion sails from Salonika for Alexandria.

9th 1914 1/4th Battalion joins the BEF.

11th 1888 Hazara Field Force completes operations and returns to Barracks - since 7 September.

1918 Armistice ends WW1.

13th 1916 2nd Battalion at the Battle of the Ancre ­ to the 18th.

18th 1916 End of the Battle of the Somme ­ began on 1st July

20th 1878 Second Afghan War begins.

1916 Battle of Cambrai ­ 7th (Service) and 9th (Service) Battalions.

28th 1918 1/5th Battalion leaves Beirut for Egypt.

29th 1899 1st Battalion disembarks at Cape Town (South African War).

1915 1st Battalion disembarks at Salonika (for the Balkans Campaign).

30th 1918 1/5th Battalion arrives at Cairo from Beirut.

1939 2nd Battalion arrives at Razmak, North-West Frontier, India.

1941 7th Battalion converts to 142 Regiment RAC (Churchill tanks).

1944 1st Battalion captures Geysteren Castle, on the Maas, near Venray.

1962 Colours of the 1st and 4th Battalions are laid-up in St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds.


1st 1958 East Anglian Brigade (later East Anglian Regiment) capbadge taken into use.

2nd 1854 Eureka Stockade attacked and destroyed (Australia).

4th 1921 5th Battalion is disbanded and its Colours, with those of the 7th, 8th 9th and 12th Service Battalions are laid-up in St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds.

6th 1915 1/5th Battalion is withdrawn from Gallipoli to Egypt.

9th 1918 Fall of Jerusalem ­ 1/5th Battalion finds the Guard of Honour for Allenby's entry.

10th 1863 First issue of the Regimental Gazette published.

11th 1918 2nd Battalion enters the Rhineland.

12th 1914 1/4th Battalion's first action ­ near Bethune.

14th 1915 The Suffolk Yeomanry ­ with the 54th Division - is withdrawn from Gallipoli.

16th 1930 The Alliance with 12th Battalion Australian Infantry is approved.

21st 1914 1/4th Battalion at the defence of Givenchy.

25th 1811 The second forming of the 2nd Battalion ­ lasted until 1818.

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